About the New Jersey Second Amendment Society    

     Firearms occupy an important place in American life.  They protect us from those who would do us harm, they provide the rewards of achievement in competition, they give us fond memories of recreation with family and friends, they put food on the table and they teach us to appreciate fine craftsmanship and the effort it requires. 

     Learning and understanding the safe and responsible use of firearms, especially when young, develops good habits and a healthy respect for what it means to be an American.  It is they who never learn these lessons that veer off course.  To preserve this tradition and the skill it requires not only preserves American life, liberty, independence and self-reliance, but preserves and protects our communities from those who try to take the American Dream, rather than earn it honestly. 

      The New Jersey Second Amendment Society is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners in New Jersey.  We are pro-gun-owner, and at the same time, we are anti-criminal.  We are for the legal and responsible possession and use of firearms and, at the same time, against the illegal and irresponsible possession and use of firearms.  We believe that law-enforcement and honest gun owners are on the same team and should support and protect each other.   

     The firearms laws in New Jersey cast a very wide net, capturing innocent citizens that may make an honest mistake (see State v. Brian Aitken, State v. Pelleteri and Revell v. Port Authority).  We believe that it is possible to have strong gun laws that appropriately and adequately distinguish between the law-abiding and the criminals, thereby protecting the law-abiding citizen and placing the criminal in the position of peril - as it should be. 

     It is upon this foundation of thought that we strive to accomplish our objective to educate and inspire our legislature and our communities to inscribe the distinction between criminals and the law-abiding into our firearms laws and regulations and proscribe those laws that fail to do so.

 New Jersey Second Amendment Society
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