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26 Feb 2013 9:56 AM | Anonymous

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Invitation from Councilwoman Alison Deeb, Morristown
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In response to NJ SAFE, Governor Chris Christie's task force on gun violence, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, violence in society, and school safety and security, Morristown Councilwoman Alison Deeb invites you to attend:

A Moderated Panel Discussion
Wednesday, February 27, 2013
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Ms. L. Michelle Borden, LCSW, DRCC, Chief Operating Officer
NewBridge Services, Inc.

Maurice Elias, PHD
Rutgers Professor and Expert on Youth Social Development

Peter J. Tamburro, Jr.
Secondary Scool Educator and Speaker on the
Constitution and Bill of Rights

Mr. Louis Schwarcz, MA, President & CEO
Mental Health Association of Morris County

Detective/SSI Keisha Higgs
Community Affairs Unit, Morris County Prosecutor's Office

Mr. David Walker, Executive Director
Neighborhood House
Morris County Public Library, Public Meeting Room
30 East Hanover Avenue, Whippany, NJ 07981

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  • 28 Feb 2013 11:37 AM | Anonymous
    I got there about 6:15 on Wednesday night. The first thing I noticed was a cop car parked outside the Library. Had no idea why. The place was packed and spilled way out into the hallway. No room even to sit on the floor. I wasn't sure what the environment was going to be as I figured the anti-gun people would be out in full force. I recognized a few people from the Morris County Tea Party, and a good number of folks with NRA, Cabela's hats, etc, and some folks from RTSP Range.

    However, I got a better idea of what the emotion of the room was when, after the convocation, it took a participant from the audience almost to DEMAND a salute to the flag!

    The speakers were all very good, but it was hard not to notice a very extended round of applause for Mr. Peter Tamburro, a strong 2nd Amendment advocate. He also brought in some brochures debunking some of the "Myths abot Gun Control." This made me believe that we had a very strong turnout for this. Good marketing by NJ2AS!

    I noticed very little anti-gun sentiment except for this lady in front the front row who looked really peaved at all us pro-gun people. I thought her face was gonna peel off her skull at some points. She spent most of the night with a severe scowl on her face as she busily scribbled notes on her pad.

    The overall gist of the panel, in my opinion at any rate, was that Mental Health was the main culprit in the mix. It was brought up on more than one occasion, how laws will not prevent violence, and also what a hassle it is to get a gun permit in the People's Republic of New Jersey. One young man brought up Schroedinger's Cat and how not knowing if a perp's intended victim had a "piece" turns out to be very effective deterrent. Does the criminal really want to take the chance with no knowledge of "what's in the cat's box"?

    To me, it seemed there was a very pro-gun audience, and I think a lot of people (including a panel member or two)learned as much from our side as we learned from the panel.

    They talked about possibly having another meeting. My guess is that they will be out to get a huge showing from the anti's to this next one.
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