• 20 Aug 2014
  • 31 Oct 2014
  • Atlantic County, NJ

SUCCESS - We have raised more than enough funds to contract for *FOUR* Billboards in the area of the Atlantic County Criminal Courthouse Complex. The specific locations for those who are interested are:

  1. 7096 Rt. 322 - 1.1 miles West of Rt. 40
  2. 7110 Rt. 322 - 0.4 Miles West of Rt. 50
  3. 7151 Rt. 40 0.75 Miles West of Rt. 322
  4. 7181 Rt. 40 .03 Miles West of Rt. 50

Residual funds will be used to help support Shaneen and her family. THANK YOU!

THE NJ BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN is a project sponsored by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS), The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and Gun Talk Radio. The intention of this project is to bring awareness of the grave mistreatment of Ms. Shaneen Allen to the citizens of Atlantic County, NJ. We are trying to get the message out that this young woman is being treated unfairly. We have identified several possible locations where we can contract for these billboards that will have the maximum impact on the people of that area. Ultimately, if this case goes to trial, the citizens of Atlantic County must determine her fate. We want to make sure that they are fully informed of their rights as citizens and jurors. We must all remember how unfairly the judge in the Brian Aitken case treated Brian. He basically bullied the jury into disregarding the information that moving was a valid exemption for transporting your firearms in NJ, because he unilaterally decided that the exemption did not apply. As you may be aware, that ruling was eventually overturned on appeal. We do NOT wish to see a repeat of that kind of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct.

If you believe in what we are doing, you may donate either to the SAF or directly to the NJ2AS. In either case, please make sure that you indicate "NJ BILLBOARD PROJECT" in the memo section of your check, or in the comment or purpose section of you online donation. Thank you for your participation. We cannot allow this young woman to spend her children's formative years in prison for what amounts to a simple mistake.


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