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    • 08 Aug 2014
    • 31 Oct 2014
    • Public Property Near the Atlantic County Court Complex


    I need the help of all our Atlantic County members and supporters, as well as anyone else willing to help distribute pamphlets in the area of the Atlantic County Criminal Court Complex. There will be an online video about how to properly exercise your first amendment rights while distributing this information. We will be working with the FULLY INFORMED JURY ASSOCIATION (, a 501(c)3 educational organization dedicated to Jury Rights. Please keep in mind that we are not permitted to reference any specific case while distributing these pamphlets. This effort is about jury rights in general,especially as they relate to all cases involving issues surrounding the Second Amendment

    In many cases involving Second Amendment protected rights, the jurors are misinformed about their right to deliberate using their reason and conscience. It is time that we did our job to help inform jurors of their rights and responsibilities.

    FIJA has prepared informative pamphlets that answer questions that jurors may have about their rights under the law, including, but not limited to, jury nullification (for more information go to They have trained multitudes of civic minded people in how to properly disseminate these materials without running afoul of the law. We will work with them to train interested individuals to distribute these pamphlets in the area of the Atlantic County Criminal Court Complex.

    (You may want to watch full screen)

    Points to keep in mind

    Pamphleting in front of courthouses has been done thousands of times without incident, but certain protocols should be followed to minimize the risk of interference from "authority figures.”

    > 1) Remain on public sidewalks and avoid court “owned" property. We will offer information to all that pass by. Avoid distracting conversations. Present a professional appearance. Dress for success.

    > 2) This effort is not connected to any particular case. No one passing out flyers should have any signs, buttons or t-shirts that mention a particular defendant.

    > 3) Stay in groups, preferably of three or more. Teams of two are the minimum. Don’t get separated from your teammates. Stay alert. The situation can change rapidly.

    > 4) Have cameras ready. If a cop is within sight, hit record. If a cop engages anyone in conversation, surround that person with cameras. Have plenty of battery charge and available storage capacity. Live streaming is a great idea. Back up voice recorders are also great if you have one. These tools are our protection from fabricated “evidence” to support bogus charges.

    > 5) No one is in charge. Everyone is responsible for themselves. Participate at your own risk. Although nothing we will be doing is illegal, that doesn’t necessarily matter to grumpy law enforcers, prosecutors or judges. They hate to lose control of their “justice” system to informed jurors. Plan in advance how you will respond to police that may want to engage you. The best way to talk to cops is not to. “Am I free to go, or am I being detained?"

    > 6) Police may demand ID and run your info. Decide in advance what level of cooperation you will offer. If you have outstanding warrants, stay home. You may even want to check to make sure you didn’t forget about a traffic citation from long ago. Make sure that have no contraband on your person or in your vehicle (almost everything is illegal in Jersey).

    If you are interested in performing both a public service and helping our Society. Please register for this project. Originally we were going to do the training in person, but we decided it would be more efficient to conduct it online and record it for "on demand" access. I will post the URL ASAP.

    Thank you

    Frank Jack Fiamingo
    President - NJ2AS

    • 26 Oct 2014
    • 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
    • Clover Rod & Gun Club, 46 Lockatong Rd, Stockton, NJ 08559

    Clover Rod & Gun Club Stockton, NJ (Kingwood Township)

    DIRECTIONS: Travel North on Route 29 through Lambertville and Stockton, once you pass Bulls Island Park on your left, turn right on County Rd 651 (Byram-Kingwood Road). Travel approximately one mile and make a right onto Lockatong Road. The club's main lodge is located about 400 yards down this road on your left.

    Clover has been one of the must successful hunting clubs in Hunterdon Country for the last 65+ years. They own 256+ acres and lease additional neighboring land. This provides bountiful deer hunting, a fantastic pheasant stocking program, a host of turkey, small game, as well as fox. The property includes a fishing pond for family events, a 100 yard rifle range, a trap house, and a fully equipped clubhouse facility.

    We maintain farm assessments, wood cutting programs, and participate in various state and federal wildlife programs. The club hosts picnics and other family events as well as organized member groups for deer drives and other hunting expeditions.

    Come visit and enjoy lunch with us & come join the hangout group! Everyone is invited. Feel free to bring your friends and family. Since we are supplying lunch we need to know how many people will be attending, so please register.


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